PE-300 Electrospinning/Spraying Machine

PE300 Electrospinning Machine

Brief description

Electrospinning is an effective and convenient technique that is resourceful in producing nanofibrous biomaterials. The quality of the nanofibres and outcome of the nanofibrous membrane can be improved by the modification of active molecules in the electrospinning setup.

To achieve this, the Pilot Electrospinning Machine PE 300 is the best solution for the continuous production of reliable nanofibres. The Electrospinning Machine PE 300 has great scalability and is suitable for the production line, as well as in R&D projects. This NS Pilot machine is the best way to conquer the challenges that nanofibre production faces today.

This setup enables the production of: Single/Multi component nanofibers, it is also possible to produce core-shell, hollow and bi-component nanofibers by adding the option of co-axial system.


  • Medicine
  • Biomedical
  • Energy
  • Filtration
  • Textile
  • Agriculture
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Defence
  • Tissue Engineering

Unique Properties

The PE 300 comes with 18 nozzles that provide high productivity for the mass production of nanofibres. To make it more versatile, it can also function with 1 nozzle when working on R&D projects. The unique design uses a hybrid electrospinning technology. It can accommodate 2 syringe pumps and 2 high voltage power supplies that enable it to work simultaneously, using 2 different but independently controlled polymers.

This technique combines the advantages of both needle-based and needle-less electrospinning which has a very accurate control over the process and final product, with higher productivity (5 to 10 times higher than needle-based systems).


Technical features

  • Hybrid Electrospinning technique with multiple jets from each nozzle
  • Bottom-Up spinning
  • Has 18 simultaneous feeding nozzles
  • Nanofibre coating of 300mm in width
  • Programmable touch screen control panel
  • Continuous roll to roll substrate winding collector system
  • Modifiable horizontal movement between 10-80mm and 5-50mm/sec
  • Automatically adjustable nozzle to collector spinning with a distance between 30-230mm
  • Production capacity of 0.01-5gr/metre-square thick nanofiber membrane
  • 2 Programmable Syringe Pumps and 2 High Voltage Power Supply
  • Able to work with 2 different polymers at different voltage and rate of flow.