R&D Services:

Along with the equipment manufacturing: Inovenso offers R&D services based on electrospinning technology. The services include design, development, and analytical services to translate electrospun constructs from ideas to scalable prototypes and final commercial products.

Inovenso provides services related to the electrospinning technology to accelerate the clients’ project or tasks and solve their problems as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. We partner with our clients to ensure we thoroughly understand the issue and provide detailed information on how it will be solved. Our client’s projects can be conducted entirely at our facility or a split between internal work and partial work at the client’s facilities.

We offer a series of studies tailored to the client’s needs supported by flexible business models:

  • Scaffold design: We design and manufacture electrospun scaffolds in a wide range of formats, morphologies, shapes and sizes. We can customize a range of attributes to match the client’s needs for cell growth and interaction and fit with other materials or medical device components.
  • Analytical services: We will offer analytical services to the developed electrospun constructs by our clients and supply a certificate of analysis with all samples

Concept plans: Turning an idea into a Target Product Profile including technical feasibility, regulatory and IP considerations, bearable pricing and risks.

Feasibility studies: Evaluating whether we can create a scalable, reproducible process from a concept or lab scale process.

Pre-design control studies to design freeze: Research studies to achieve the desired target profile and optimize the process including packaging and sterilization regimes. Make samples for in vitro and other testing.

Design control Modules: Verification and Validation studies to establish the tolerances of the optimized process.

Regulatory studies: Manage ISO biocompatibility studies with accredited third-party suppliers and coordinate documentation. Generation of documents for Design History File.

Pilot production: Product batches with Certificates of Conformance to the finalized product specifications.

Industrial Production: Contract manufacturing of the final product, by using customized Industrial Electrospinning System.

Analytical capabilities include morphological analysis, microstructure characteristics, chemical analysis, surface chemistry analysis, residual solvent analysis, and mechanical testing. An example of the offered analytical services includes but not limited to:

  • Fiber Morphology| SEM
  • Fiber Diameter| Specialized automated image analysis software.
  • Pore Size| Porometry and mathematical modeling.
  • Porosity| Porometry, liquid intrusion, and gravimetric measurement.
  • Surface Wettability| Contact angle.
  • Structural Integrity| Micro-CT scan.
  • Transition Temperature| DSC
  • Surface Chemistry| FTIR, Raman, and X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy.
  • Residual Solvent| MS-GC.
  • Gaseous Component| TGA in conjunction with FTIR.
  • Molar Mass Analysis| Size Exclusion Chromatography
  • Mechanical Analysis| Tensile testing, Suture retention, Life cycle, Abrasion, and DMA.

*The services are provided in partnership with Matregenix.

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