Turning an idea into a Target Product Profile including technical feasibility, regulatory and IP considerations. Many analytical capabilities are available including morphological analysis, microstructure characteristics, chemical analysis, surface chemistry analysis, residual solvent analysis, and mechanical testing.

It is the evaluation of the possibility of creating a scalable reproductive process, from a concept to a lab-scale, and eventually, a pilot/industrial production, using Inovenso’s machinery.

With Inovenso Inc’s customized Industrial Electrospinning Systems and product batches with “Certificates of Conformance” have used to finalize the product specifications and manufacturing the final product. Application areas which are previously covered; Filtration, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Energy, Cosmetics etc.


Inovenso returns to FiltXPO 23: Let’s explore nanofiber innovation

Meet Us at Filtexpo 2023: We extend a warm invitation to schedule a one-on-one meeting with our team during Filtexpo 2023. This presents a fantastic chance for us to explore potential collaborations and tailor our offerings to align perfectly with your objectives. Whether you are interested in optimizing filtration processes through cutting-edge nanofiber properties, introducing […]...

Exciting news! CMAT 2023 in Singapore!

Join us as we showcase revolutionary electrospinning technologies and connect with globalmaterials experts. Don’t miss out! International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies(ICMAT) 2023Singapore26th to 30th June 2023

Excited to share that we had the honor of hosting the esteemed Professor Seeram Ramakrishna at Inovenso

A true luminary in the world of electrospinning, Professor Ramakrishna’s visit was an incredible opportunity for knowledge exchange and collaboration. We had insightful discussions about the latest advancements and applications in this field, and his expertise has undoubtedly inspired our team to push boundaries and strive for excellence. Thank you, Professor Ramakrishna, for sharing your […]...

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Nowadays, Electrospinning is a new and mysterious field of research conducted with nanofibers. New publications introduce different applications of the Electrospun Nanofibers everyday.Therefore, users of the Electrospinning Systems prefer to start with small-scale laboratory experiences and scale-up subsequently once succeeded in the researches.Thus, Inovenso has launched its unique “Scaling-up Program” that enables its partners and customers to initiate their work with a small-scale electrospinning device and upgrade it later without any need of returning the system to the manufacturer. The Electrospinning Machine models which are available; NE100 ,NE200, NE300, NS24.