PE-550 Electrospinning/Spraying Machine


Brief description

The PE-550 is our Best-selling Electrospinning for the Continuous production of nanofibers, suitable for manufacturing nanofibers in industrial scale. Its major advantage is scalability, as it’s suitable for both Production line as well as R&D projects. The PE-550 functions with 56 nozzles enabling high productivity for mass production of nanofibers, however it can also function with 1 nozzle when working on R&D projects.
Its unique design enables production of nanofibers and composites, it accommodates 4 syringe pumps and 4 High Voltage Power Suppliers, making it possible to work simultaneously with up to 4 different polymers, independently controlled.

PE-550 uses a unique patented “Hybrid Electrospining Technology”. This new technique combines the advantages of both Needle-based and Needle-less Electrospinning, which are: High throughput productivity (from the needle-less), with a very accurate control over the process and the final product (from needle-based Electrospinning).

Applicable for developing commercial Nanofiber products such as Face masks, battery separators, air and liquid filters, wound dressing materials i.e.

Unique Properties

  • Hybrid Electrospinning Technique (Multiple Jets from each nozzle).
  • Bottom-Up spinning
  • Up to 56 concurrently feeding nozzles
  • 550mm width nanofiber coating
  • Programmable touch screen control panel
  • Continuous roll to roll substrate winding collector system
  • Adjustable horizontal movement between 20-80mm and 5-50mm/sec
  • Automatic adjustable spinning distance between 30-230mm. Nozzle to collector.
  • 0,01-5gr/metersquare thick nanofiber membrane production capacity.
  • 4 Programmable Syringe Pumps and 4 High Voltage Power Supply
  • Possibility to work with 4 different polymers (with different voltage and flow rate).