Efficient Nanofiber Cosmetics Products

Nanotechnology provides improvements in qualities of cosmetics products, they are enhanced with insertion of nanomaterials like nanoemulsions, nanopigments, nanoliposomes, nanoparticles and nanofibers. Personal care cosmetics products such as shampoo, facial masks, moisturizer, bronzer, sun-screen creams, anti-aging creams are some examples of cosmetics that contain nanostructured materials.

Why Nanofibers in Cosmetics?

  • Easy and efficient transport of the active ingredients: (like vitamins) to the skin via nanoemulsions.
  • Nanoliposomes encapsulate bioactive agents used in cosmetics so that the product does not clog skin pores and has an easy penetration of air and water-soluble materials.
  • High retention levels: Due to their enhanced features, such as small pore size and high porosity they can absorb huge amounts of liquids.
  • Breathable materials: Due to their oxygen and water permeability features, they can be used as breathable cosmetics like cleaners, moistures etc.
  • Deeper delivery: Large surface area of nanofibers also increases the contact surface between mesh and skin which provides efficient delivery of active agents to the deeper skin parts.

Examples of Nanofiber Cosmetics Products

Hyaluronic Acid

 Stimulates the production of collagen
Alleviates dry skin
Reduces the appearance of lines under eyes
Stimulates skin cell regeneration

Vitamin C

 Has antioxidant properties
Takes role in collagen synthesis
Beneficial effects on skin cells
Helps create younger looking, firmer feeling skin

Salicylic Acid

Reduces the number of primary lesions
Helps unclog pores to resolve lesions
Prevents from future acne breakouts

Aloe Vera

Provides anti-inflammatory effects
Decreases puffy under-eye bags.
Helps heal the skin
Prevents crow’s feet and dryness
Fights the free radicals and helps prevent skin aging

What do we offer?

Not only does Inovenso provide the industrial machinery suitable for the production of nanofiber-based cosmetics products, but we also bring forth the full A to Z package needed to initiate a plug & play production.

Thanks to the extensive knowledge and expertise of our R&D team, we are able to support our clients and partners with R&D services tailored to their needs. Services start with identifying the right materials and ingredients required for the development of their desired products with respect to their required properties (anti-aging, whitening, moisturizing…). Furthermore, within the scope of our package we also provide tech transfer services that convey results stemming from our scientific and technological research to the market place, along with associated skills and procedures, with respect to Intellectual Property Management.

Inovenso’s R&D team is dedicated to advance research in the field of electrospinning and developing novel products for applications of nanofibers. For the cosmetic industry, our team of engineers and scientists have prior experience of designing nanofiber scaffolds for treating and replenishing skin with beneficial nutrients embedded in the structure.

Our team actively engage in R&D services with clients interested in projects ranging from proof-of-concepts to product development. Specifically, with electrospun nanofibers and embedded nanoparticles for various industries including cosmetic, biomedical, and filtration. For cosmetics applications, we have delved into designing eyes patches and masks with nutrients to purify the skin and in some cases treat acne.

Apart from R&D services, if the product has already been made either by us or independently by you, we can provide contract manufacturing services where we mass produce your nanofiber product up to a commercialized scale. Our facility consists of industrial level electrospinning machines that are catered towards customer demands of units per month.