Rent, Pay per use or Lease Electrospinning Machines

Do you need to lease an electrospinning machine with a limited budget and produce the sample required for your project? Or Would you be interested to work with Inovenso’s machines with the support of an advanced scientist in the field?

At our office in Cambridge, MA you will be able to carry out your R&D research and scale up to Pilot/ Industrial production using our lab-scale NS24 and Open Surface machine Pilot/Industrial-scale StreamSpinner550.



Our Capabilities

  • Laboratory Access: The laboratory is available Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. most weeks.
  • Equipment Use: Standard equipment use fees are tiered in proportion to the laboratory rental. Use of equipment in Tier 1 is included in the Laboratory access. Use of equipment in Tier 2 is booked separately.
  • Support from R&D scientists, experts in applications of Electrospinning. Available scientists with background in: Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Filtration and Cosmetics.

Tier 1: Multi-nozzle Advanced Scale Electrospinning/Spraying Machine:Nanospinner24 and other laboratory devices for the preparation of the solution.

Nanospinner24 is Inovenso’s most advanced bench-top designed machine that uses Hybrid Electrospinning technology. Our customers can conduct their R&D projects using 12 nozzles, which also provides possibility of using single-nozzle,  that will increase the production of fiber jets along with different types of collectors such as drum, plate and interchangeable rod collectors.

With the temperature and humidity control settings of our NS24, you can easily control the atmospheric adjustments required by certain polymers from the touch panel screen.

Tier 2: Open Surface Pilot-Scale Electrospinning/Spraying Machine: StreamSpinner550.

Our Pilot scale StreamSpinner550 machine, which we first introduced with our Open Surface line, is manufactured uniquely from standard needle based systems. Machine is suitable for commercial production and makes a huge difference of up to 5-15 times in specific polymers as a production rate.

The technology implements seamless streams of nanofiber jets. Resulting in not only the ability of increasing production output to an industrial level but also eliminating any clogging issues prevalent with a wide range of polymeric solutions.

Configuration allows users to load a 550 mm width fabric roll onto the collector and run hundreds of linear meters of media. The SS550 provides a much higher throughput in comparison with conventional electrospinning systems, where you can transition the nanofiber membrane synthesis from your lab-scale equipment to the pilot-scale, effectively industrializing nanofiber-based products.

What do we offer at our Cambridge Office?

We offer our customers three options for visiting our office:

1- Using our devices by renting them on a daily/hourly basis (without scientist support)

2- Using our devices by renting them on a daily/hourly basis (with scientist support)

3- On-site visit to check out our machines.

We offer you all the possibilities in our office. Kindly contact us and our team will get back to you very soon!



Office Address:46 Concord Ln, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA