Efficient Nanofibers Biomedical Products

Unique properties of Nanofibers present a great potential in the Biomedical & Pharmaceutical applications. Recent scientific studies demonstrated the enormous potential of nanofibers to confront actual challenges in the bio-medical and pharmaceutical fields. Types of applications of nanofibers include: Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) and controlled drug release, wound dressings and regenerative medicine, tissue-engineered scaffolds, biosensors, artificial blood grafts, blood purification systems, medical implants, skin care and many others…

Nanofibers as Drug Delivery Systems

For drug delivery applications, electrospinning is the most actively employed method for fabricating drug-loaded nanofibers, due to the following:

  • Its high loading capacity
  • High encapsulation efficiency
  • Simultaneous delivery of diverse therapies
  • Ease of operation
  • Cost effectiveness

Nanofibers for Wound Healing Applications

The Nanowebs between nanofibers have suitable pore size to assure the exchange of liquids and gases with the environment, but have dimensions that prevent bacteria from entering. Mats of Electrospun nanofibers generally show very good adhesion to moist wounds. Furthermore, the large specific surface area is very favorable for the adsorption of liquids and the local release of drugs on the skin, making these materials ideal for wound closure.

Nanofibers Applications in Tissue Engineering

Bone Tissue Regeneration
Cartillage Tissue Regeneration
Skin Tissue Regeneration
Tendon/Ligament Tissue Regeneration
Nerve Tissue Regeneration
Heart Valve Tissue Regeneration
Dental Regeneration
Muscle Tissue Regeneration

What do we offer?

Not only does Inovenso provide the industrial machinery suitable for the production of nanofiber-based Biomedical and Pharmaceutical products, but we also bring forth the full A to Z package needed to initiate a plug & play production.

Inovenso laboratory scale machines are an ideal solution for academics and R&D teams wishing to develop new biomedical and pharmaceutical nanofiber-based products. The Nanospinner series are quite versatile, they enable the production of core-shell, hollow and bicomponent nanofibers, a morphology that is widely used in the production of Drug Delivery Systems, where the nanofiber shell carries out to the drug as a core. Furthermore,  the Nanospinner series are also used by several customers of Inovenso in the production of artificial blood grafts, with the usages of rotating shaft collectors to produce tubular structure nanofibers.

Thanks to the extensive knowledge and expertise of our R&D team, we are able to support our clients and partners with R&D services tailored to their needs. Services start with identifying the right materials and ingredients required for the development of their desired products with respect to their required properties. Furthermore, within the scope of our package we also provide tech transfer services that convey results stemming from our scientific and technological research to the market place, along with associated skills and procedures, with respect to Intellectual Property Management.

Inovenso’s R&D team is dedicated to advance research in the field of electrospinning and developing novel products for applications of nanofibers. For the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical industry, our team of engineers and scientists have prior experience of designing nanofiber scaffolds for wound dressing applications, tissue regeneration, artificial blood grafts, core-shell nanofibers for drug delivery systems and many others…

Apart from R&D services, if the product has already been made either by us or independently by you, we can provide contract manufacturing services where we mass produce your nanofiber product up to a commercialized scale. Our facility consists of industrial level electrospinning machines that are catered towards customer demands of units per month.