StreamSpinner1000 Open Surface Industrial Electrospinning/Spraying Line

Brief Description

StreamSpinner1000 is an Open Surface Industrial Electrospinning machine, suitable for the commercial manufacturing of nanofibers, and nanofiber-based products on a 1000mm width roll-to-roll collector. Not only does the StreamSpinner1000 provide a much higher throughput in comparison with conventional Electrospinning systems, but it also provide a smooth manufacturing process that doesn’t require an operator to oversee the process, and detect anomalies.

Using the Smart Dynamic Feeding System, the StreamSpinner1000 provides an extremely homogeneous production of nanofibers, and a precise adjustment of the flow rate. Moreover, the StreamSpinner1000 is compatible to work with a wide viscosity range of polymeric materials.

Unique Properties

  • High Production Rate: 5 to 15 times higher than conventional electrospinning systems.
  • Up to 51 meters/min. production of nanofibers (PA6 0.03GSM)
  • Smart Dynamic Feeding System provides an extremely homogenous production, and precise adjustment of the flow rate.
  • Smart Winding System: The software sets the desired thickness by automatically adjusting the flow rate and winding speed.
  • Compatibility to work with a wide viscosity range of polymeric solutions.
  • Patent Pending Technology.
Standard Polymers Total Flow Rate Total Production Rate
(For 0.5 GSM)
TPU 1200 ml/h 5.3 m/min
PVDF 660 ml/h 3.9 m/min
PA6 600 ml/h 3.1 m/min
HA 360 ml/h 1.1 m/min
PAN 570 ml/h 1.6 m/min
PHB 4800 ml/h 6.2 m/min

Application Areas