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Open Demo Week – January 2022 Boston and Istanbul

Open Demo Week – January 2022 Boston and Istanbul   From the 24th until the 28th of January, our Boston and Istanbul teams collaborated in our Open Demo Week, where they presented a demonstration of the NanoSpinner24, one of our best-selling machines for lab scale purposes, and also they showcased the advantages of our Open … Continue reading

7 February 2022 News 0 Comment

Installation of our StreamSpinner550 – Cosmax, Seoul, South Korea.

StreamSpinner550 Open Surface Electrospinning Installation in Seoul, South Korea We are proud to announce that our R&D and production team has successfully installed our StreamSpinner550 Open Surface Electrospinning for our customers @cosmax.official in Seoul, Korea last week. We wish them all the success on their current projects and innovations in the cosmetics industry. &nbs… Continue reading

14 January 2022 News 0 Comment

Nanofiber filtration media as an efficient biodegradable alternative

Pollution preventing biodegradable nanofiber filtrating media: An alternative for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) amidst the COVID 19 Pandemic. Introduction: With the advent of the COVID-19 crisis, the utilization of personal protective equipment (PPE) sky-rocketed. PPE can refer to type of attire worn for protection against different kinds of safety hazards. In the COVID-19 case, the … Continue reading

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Nanofiber Mask to prevent from the Novel Coronavirus

The coronavirus spreading from China is now likely to become a pandemic that circles the globe. Our team is pushing the boundaries to create an innovative nanotechnology mask to help to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus, due to the unique properties of electrospun nanofibers (high porosity and surface area). The nanofiber facial mask will … Continue reading

11 February 2020 News

Pilot Electrospinning System – PE 550

The PE 550 is a versatile Electrospinning system, it’s an ideal solution for R&D and product development. Its scalability makes it also suitable for production of commercial nanofibers-based products, for different applications areas: Bio-medical/Pharmaceutical, Energy, Cosmetics, Filtration, Textile and many others. The PE 550 uses Hybrid Electrospinning Technology, which is a unique and patented technique … Continue reading

14 November 2019 News 0 Comment

Nanofibers Market Anticipated a CAGR of 21.15% (2019 -2023)

The Nanofiber Market Anticipated a Compound annual growth rate of 21.15% between 2019 -2023. The increasing demand for nanofibers has led to the development of new technologies or the updating of old technologies used in nanofiber production. Currently, the most extensively researched method for manufacturing nanofibers is electrospinning. Read the article below for more information: … Continue reading

22 July 2019 News 0 Comment

Inovenso – Boston University

Inovenso Inc. has recently donated an advanced Laboratory Electrospinning unit to Boston University, to enable Dr Sherif Soliman and his colleagues to work on Tissue Engineering Scaffolds and other related applications. Our partners and customers can now visit their lab, to see and test the machine. Please contact us to schedule a visit:… Continue reading

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