NS + NanoSpinner Plus Electrospinning/Spraying Equipment


Brief Description

The NS Plus is the most recent model of Inovenso, designed to accommodate the maximum components required for an optimized and versatile
Electrospinning Process. It’s an ideal solution for lower-budget projects working on small-scale nanofibers research.

It has 3 Hybrid Nozzles, spinning on a rotating drum collector or plate collector, therefore enabling the production of both well-aligned and
randomly collected nanofibers. The homogeneity system allows the user to produce a uniform and homogeneous nanofibers membranes.

Optional Accessories

Different Diameter Needles

Electrospinning needles with the following diameters: (23G, 21G, 19G, 17G, 15G) X10 pieces.

Bicomponent System

Special Designed Coaxial Nozzle (Inner Diameter: 0,8 mm, Outer Diameter: 1,6 mm) and an extra syringe pump to obtain core-shell, hollow and bi-component nanofibers.

Gas Shield Nozzle

Gas Shield is a way to solve clogging of polymer on the top of needle by solvent saturated N2 gas. This option may increase productivity of many polymer solutions.

Extended Warranty

Standard Devices come with 1 year warranty. In addition, it is possible to cover machine with extended warranty.