Inovenso – Your Ideal Partner for Electrospinning Technology


Inovenso was established in 2010, following our R&D efforts that began in 2007, focused on nanofiber production technologies. We specialize in producing laboratory, pilot, and industrial-scale machines. These machines use electrospinning and electrospraying methods to produce nanofibers and nanoparticles.

In 2017, we expanded our footprint by establishing Inovenso Inc. in Boston, MA. This new venture allows us to manage many national and international projects. Additionally, we provide dedicated services to our North American customers directly from our Boston headquarters. At our Boston laboratory, we offer R&D services by our experienced research engineers. Moreover, we provide customers the opportunity to explore a variety of machines in our demo area.

Comprehensive R&D Services

In addition to our high-quality machinery, we offer extensive R&D services through our experienced research and development team. We partner with clients to take their ideas in the nanofiber/nanoparticle field from initial concept development to industrial-scale production. Our team is dedicated to providing support at every stage of the process. Therefore, we ensure that innovative concepts are successfully transformed into market-ready products.

Innovative Technologies

Inovenso is proud to contribute to advancements in nanofiber and nanoparticle production. Our proprietary high-capacity Hybrid Nozzle Technology and the StreamSpinner Open Surface Technology enhance production efficiency. As a result, they open new possibilities for applications in various industries.

Global Reach and Impact

To date, over 600 institutions, universities, and companies in more than 60 countries utilize Inovenso’s electrospinning and electrospraying machines. Thus, our global presence underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge nanotechnology solutions worldwide.

Choose Inovenso for pioneering electrospinning and electrospraying technology. Our comprehensive R&D support and proven track record of success in the nanofiber and nanoparticle production industry make us the best choice.

If you’re ready to transform your ideas into market-ready products or need expert assistance with your nanofiber/nanoparticle production, we are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your project and learn more about how Inovenso can support your journey to success.