We started our academic activities in 2007 working on nanotechnologies under the Nano Fiber Membrane Group (NanoFMG).  After focusing on improving Nanofiber quality during Electrospinning process, we established our born global company Inovenso in 2010. Our name is acronym of Innovative Engineering Solutions. We aimed to developed very efficient electrospinning machines and accelerate nanofiber science. We quickly become a bridge company between academia and industry and proudly contributed hundreds of scientific projects using polymer nanofibers for wide variety of applications such as biomedical, tissue engineering, pharmaceutical, energy, filtration, material sciences, textile, agriculture, cosmetics and many others.

We brought new innovative approaches to overcome many common obstacles in the nanofiber production field such as scalability, flexibility, standardization and reproducibility with developing customized electrospinning devices all the way from any lab scale desktop starter kits to industrial scale electrospinning machines. It was only possible with working very closely with our clients, understanding their real needs and sharing their concerns and problems.

Our devices and services have become highly demanded worldwide and we moved our international operations to Boston, MA, USA. Today, Inovenso Inc. is creating Nanotechnology ecosystems with its multidisciplinary departments and teams and is truly a global leader with more than 350+ devices all around the world and references from highly prestigious universities such as MIT, Stanford, Cornell and worldwide companies such as 3M, Honeywell and many others.

We offer wide variety of electrospinning devices in three main categories as Laboratory Scale, Semi-Industrial and Industrial Scale Nanofiber Production Electrospinning Equipment. Currently, we are manufacturing needle based, hybrid,  single-nozzle and multi-nozzle electrospinning devices and their accessories.

In summary, Inovenso Inc. creates the right technology, customized to fit the clients’ and partners’ needs, and endorses their nanotechnology projects with a limitless consulting support from bench research to global market production.