Nanospinner 24 Multinozzle Electrospinning/Spraying Machine

Nanospinner 24

Brief Explanation

The NS 24, is Inovenso’s most versatile and advanced laboratory-scale system, it is also our best-selling model with more than 50 units installed in renowned universities and companies around the globe. This Electrospinning unit enables the collection of the nanofibers on a variety of collectors: a Flat collector, a Rotating drum collector with a high speed of 2000 rpm for obtaining well-aligned nanofibers. It can also optionally accommodate a Rotating rod collector with different sizes to obtain tubular structure of nanofibers known as tube-like nanofibers membranes which can be used as artificial blood vessels. This model has 12 nozzles, but can also be used with a single nozzle for small-laboratory production.

Unique Properties

  • Reliable and precise process adjustments via 9” touch screen panel
  • High throughput production
  • Up to 12 electrospinning nozzles feeding
  • 376,8mm*280mm nanofiber coating area
  • High speed rotating drum up to 2000 RPM
  • Production of oriented or aligned nanofibers
  • Adjustable horizontal movement to increase uniformity of membrane
  • Automatic adjustable spinning distance
  • Extra safety options such as safe-door and warning light to avoid from high voltage
  • Produced accourding to safety regulations and CE Certified

Optional Accessories

Different Diameter Needles

Electrospinning needles with the following diameters: (23G, 21G, 19G, 17G, 15G) X10 pieces.

Bicomponent System

Two special designed coaxial nozzles:
Shell Nozzle
(ID : 0.337 mm, OD: 3.3 mm)
Core nozzle
(ID: 0.6414 mm, OD: 1 mm)
and an extra syringe pump to obtain core-shell, hollow and bicomponent nanofibers.

Gas Shield Nozzle

Gas Shield is a way to solve clogging of polymer on the top of needle by solvent saturated N2 gas. This option may increase productivity of many polymer solutions.

Rotating Shaft Collector

3-4-5 and 6 mm diameter rotating shaft collectors for tubular nanofiber membrane production.

Temperature Controlled Chamber

Heating of spinning area up to 40°C.

Dehumidifier Attached Chamber

Ambient humidity adjustment between 25% and room condition.

Vacuum Holder Plate Collector

Vacuum fixing of solid substrates (metal, glass, thin plate, lamella) on stationary plate collector.

Extended Warranty

Standard Devices come with 1 year warranty. In addition, it is possible to cover machine with extended warranty.