PE-3550 Industrial Electrospinning/Spraying Line


Brief Description

The PE3550 is a Nanofiber manufacturing line that enables a high throughput of nanofibers, continuously on a roll-to-roll collector. It is composed of three interconnected units of PE 3550, adjustable from a single touch screen panel.

The PE3550 is suitable for a wide range of application, it was initially conceived for the production of Air Filtration Nanofiber-based products (N95/N99 filtration media, HEPA/ULPA filters, automotive, HVAC…). But it can also be used for other applications such as: Bio-medical, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Textile and others…

The PE3550 is equipped with 168 electrospinning nozzles, allowing the surface to be uniformly and continuously at a width of 550mm. Thanks to its advanced automation system and air conditioning equipment, it enables continuous production at the required quality even under changing environmental conditions.

Unique Properties

  • TypeBottom-Up Spinning
  • Programmable touch screen control panel
  • Up to 56 Nozzles during full operation (Each Unit)
  • Possible to work with single nozzle
  • Standard Different Diameters Nozzles can be attached optionally
  • Easy to use 1 precise peristaltic pumps (Each Unit)
  • High throughput nanofiber production for higher production capacity in less time.
  • Fiber Deposition Width: 550 mm
  • Substrate Winding Speed: 0,1 m/min – 10 m/min