Consultancy Service

Get your samples prepared by Inovenso’s experienced engineers. With the knowledge that was accumulated through the long experience in Electrospinning, Inovenso’s engineers are very well placed to test your solution, optimize the conditions of Electrospinning and prepare several samples of different sizes and forms. It is also possible to choose different options for your sample preparation such as: Yarn coating, Precise humidity and temperature, Co-axial spinning, single or multi nozzle spinning etc…

Our engineers can assist you with:

-Determination of the most efficient recipe for your solution
-Performing special tests on your solution (Characterization of the solution)
-Obtaining different forms of samples (Yarn, Hollow, Core-shell…) and different sizes
(from small sizes to industrial 50 cm width and 30 meters length or more).
-Performing different tests on the samples (SEM tests, EDS, Coverage factor, Mechanical strength, Nanofibers diameter)