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Using Electrospun Nanofibers for Pharmaceutical Applications

Electrospun nanofiber matrices display morphological similarities to the natural ECM, characterized by high surface-to-volume ratio, ultra fine continuous fibers, variable pore-size distribution similar to the dimensions of basement membranes, and high porosity. As a result, there has been remarkable effort to develop new applications based on materials created using electrostatic processes in the pharmaceutical and … Continue reading

27 December 2018 News 1 Comment

Producing Electrospun Artificial Blood Vessels

Today, the need for vascular grafts is growing in importance, this is owed to the increasing number of patients requiring artificial vessel implantations because of cardiovascular diseases, hemodialysis treatments, etc. Downsides of Existing Synthetic Blood Vessels Various laborious methods are used by tissue engineers to produce synthetic blood vessels. Woven or knitted vascular grafts of polyurethane … Continue reading

27 December 2018 News 0 Comment

Difference Between ElectroSpinning and ElectroSpraying

Electrospraying and electrospinning are both electrohydrodynamic mechanisms which are used for the fabrication of nano/microparticles and nano/microfibers. Fundamentals of Both the Processes The electrostatic force is applied to produce electrically charged jets out of viscoelastic polymer solutions. Solvent is evaporated in time and nano-micro structures are obtained once the process is complete. Concentration of the polymer … Continue reading

25 December 2018 News 0 Comment
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