inofilter face mask


+95% / +99%

Outer layer: PET Spunbond 35 g/m2
Inner layer: Nanofibers layer of polymer PVDF 0.6/0.8 g/m2
Outer layer: PET Spunbond 35 g/m2
Comes with a 300 to 1000mm width rolls
Can be produced with specific properties like hydrophobic, antibacterial, different colors on demand.


Patented Technology

The filtration media is produced using a patented novel technology  “Hybrid Electrospinning”.

Replacing Meltblown Materials

The structure of nanofiber media makes them a unique material for fine dust particles, aerosols, bacterias or viruses. Nanofiber based filters provide better filtration performance than conventional meltblown materials with a quite smaller weight per basis area.

Innovative Materials

The nanofiber membranes are considered to be the next generation filtration media, due to their high
efficiency. Large corporates are looking into incorporating them in their products range.


• Low-pressure drop for better breathability.

• Enables capturing inhaled particulates such as bacterias and viruses.

• Designed to provide protection of 96% and 99% filtration efficiency.

• High efficient mechanical filtration. No filtration performance loss according to change of electrostatic properties.

Nanofiber Coated Media. New Generation of Filter Media?

When all these experiences are evaluated, it becomes necessary to develop a filter media that will provide the necessary protection against viral risks and which is comfortable enough for daily use. At this point, the application of nanofiber technology, which offers unique solutions in many different application areas including filtration, comes to mind as a solution based on solid scientific data.

Filters made up of Nano-sized fibers have a 99.9% efficiency in trumping viruses and bacteria and are very comfortable in terms of use. With a thin non-woven fabric, the spunbond fabric consist of a very low weight nanofiber coating that fully meets user expectations with its flexible structure and morphology that easily passes moisture.

inofilter nanofiber media