Main Business Field

Our work , ”Synthesizing of Nanofiber Via Electrospinnig Method” started and ongoing under structure of Nano Fiber Membrane Group (NanoFMG) in consultation  for nearly 9 years , continues its activities under INOVENSO Co., structure commercially. INOVENSO’s main aim is becoming a bridge from academy to industry maintains its R&D activities with help of the links established with academy. Our works for nanofiber production grouped under two main topic as manufacturing Industrial Nanofiber Production Machine and Laboratory Scale Nanofiber Production Equipments.

As INOVENSO Co., manufacturing of nanofiber production equipments is the beginning of our business activities. In particular, lack of standard devices stands out via academic studies on electrospinning method in our country and all around in the world. From this point, our company beginning with producing single needle and multi-needle electrospinning devices reached in many university laboratories in very short time. Laboratory Scale Electrospinning devices are demanded worldwide and limited enterprises in the world that meet these needs raises serious export potential. Our company has aimed to transform this potential opportunity with serving worldwide and increasing export volume since it has been founded.

Company History

2007 Research group of Nano FMG has manufactured first lab-scale electrospinning unit in Istanbul Technical University

2008 Research group of Nano FMG has manufactured the first industrial scale electrospinning machine

2009 Nanofiber membrane based pilot products have launched in filtration and performance textiles

2010 Inovenso Co. has established in ITU Technology Development Center in Istanbul

2011 First Industrial Scale electrospinning machine Nanospinner416 has sold and installed to Membrane Research Center in Istanbul

2012 Inovenso Co. has started to play an important role in international electrospinning market

2014 Inovenso Co. has attended to 3rd International Conference on Electrospinning at San Francisco CA. as a Gold Sponsorship

Our Mission

As Inovenso Co., we are dedicated to provide versatile and reliable equipments and technical support for semi- industrial scale and research level productions, and hence contribute to the improvement of the quality of production lead to high tech industries.

Electrospinning and Nanofibers

The history of modern electrostatic spinning is the classic case of a scientific rediscovery. Indeed coupling electrical phenomena and fluids has been fascinating physicist for centuries, as reported in many studies and by the time started to call “electrospinning”
Electrospinning shares characteristics of both electrospraying and conventional solution dry spinning of fibers.

Briefly; electrospinning uses an electrical charge to draw very fine (typically on the micro or nano scale or nanofiber) fibres from a liquid or polymer solution.


Nanofibers are defined as fibers with diameters less than 100 nanometers however In the textile industry, this definition is often extended to include fibers as less than 1000 nm diameter. The best and most productive method for producing nanofibers is known as electrospinning.



Laboratory Equipments and Product Range

Inovenso Co., has 6 main types/models for producing nanofibers via electrospinning method for pilot scale and lab-scale production;

  • Nansospinner 24- Multinozzle advanced level electrospinning machine

Pre-manufacturing and end phase advanced researches demands mostly, enables high surface area coating with high throughput of nanofiber membrane production.

  • NE300 – Multinozzle optimized level electrospinning machine

Advanced researches for medium size coating area and high throughput production with optimized specifications.

  • NE200 – Single nozzle advanced model electrospinning machine

Relatively small surface area coating with single nozzle feeding but advanced level of specification for less volume of polymer solution consumption.

  • NE100- Single nozzle optimized level electrospinning machine

Newly started researches with a versatile and easy to use for quick and reliable results with single nozzle feeding electrospinning of nanofiber coatings.

  • Basic System- Single nozzle basic level electrospinning machine

Budget and user friendly model basic electrospinning equipment

  •  Doublespinner- Composite nanofiber membrane production unit

An advanced research unit that allows multi component nanofiber membranes to be produced through the use of separately controlled left and right spinner units.

Furhermore at Inovenso Co., we are supplying some other essential laboratory equipments even in standard ranges and special designs.

Spincoater SPN-series

Spin coating is a procedure used to deposit uniform thin films to flat substrates. Usually a small amount of coating material is applied on the center of the substrate, which is either spinning at low speed or not spinning at all. The substrate is then rotated at high speed in order to spread the coating material by centrifugal force. A machine used for spin coating is called a spin coater, or simply spinner. Spin coating is widely used in microfabrication of oxide layers using sol- gel precursors, where it can be used to create uniform thin films with nanoscale thicknesses.

Robocasting or Direct Ink Writing (DIW) is an additive manufacturing technique in which a filament of ‘ink’ is extruded from a nozzle, forming an object layer by layer. In robocasting, a 3D CAD model is divided up into layers in a similar manner to other additive manufacturing techniques. A fluid (typically a ceramic slurry), referred to as an ‘ink’, is then extruded through a small nozzle as the nozzle’s position is controlled, drawing out the shape of each layer of the CAD model. The ink exits the nozzle in a liquid-like state but sets immediately, exploiting the rheological property of shear thinning. It is distinct from fused deposition modeling as it does not rely on the solidification or drying to retain its shape after extrusion.


Special Designs and Manufacturing Inovenso Co., is one of the leading supplier of semi-industrial scale and laboratory scale nanofiber production and specially designed laboratory equipments. Our unique design and well educated and highly experienced team also provides technical support for the researchers within their R&D projects.