Opportunity to work flexible with compact devices!

Manufacturing of standard devices is carried out for use in laboratory-scale nanofiber research and product development. We provide high precision, easy to use and safe electrospinning equipments for nanofiber based research and products. Our designs consider the needs, expectations and future visions of our clients and we believe in proactively placing ourselves at the center of the strong, efficient and sustainable interactions that must exist between researchers, manufacturers and users.   Read more


Continuous Feed Nanofiber Membrane Coating!

Industrial nanofiber membrabe production line by electrospinning method has led to the formation of a new industry with high production capacity and product quality. Industrial Scale Nanofiber Membrane Production Unit The Nanospinner416 is the ongoing industrial project which waits today’s electrospinning projects as tomorrow’s nanofiber products.    Read more


Let’s Check Our Online Shop!

It is possible to buy many accessories and basic needs not only for Inovenso Ltd. branded machines but also for your own set up. We are sure that you will find something to improve your researches on polymer nanofiber production.   Let's Go To Shop